Adopted dog Lana dragged her blanket outside to cover the homeless dog

It’s not a secret that dogs are always there to help those in need.

They never stopped to amaze us with their kind and heroic actions. This time, a wonderful puppy with the name of Lana acted heroically and surprised her parents. She used to be a stray dog for about eight months before her adoption by kind and caring owners.

She had a tough life but now due to this beautiful soul, her life is drastically changed to the good side.

Lena loved her adoptive parents a lot.

Lena loved napping outside, and the owner seeing this always put a warm blanket over her, and that blanket became Lena’s favorite. She also liked playing with it.

One cold day, the husband of the family noticed the beautiful scene. He saw Lena dragging her lovely blanket to cover the freezing dog. Her kind gesture surprised her owner. It was so touching and to see Lena caring about other dogs too.

They were trying to approach that puppy to check if he has an ID tag or not, but the scared dog run quickly away.

They were incredibly proud of their beloved dog!

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