Adorable baby panther abandoned by his mom finds forever loving home and a best friend

We all know that mothers have a special role in the child’s development, as they constantly need maternal love and care to grow healthy and happy.

This relates to the animal world too, animal cubs won’t survive in the wild without their mothers. Mothers fight for grabbing any food and even fight for their life or else they will become the food for the wild animals.

This baby panter with the name of Luna, who was born in a zoo in Siberia, was hopefully saved. It’s sad to say that she was abandoned y his mother who rejected to feed her.

But thanks to this kind woman, the baby was saved and hosted in the woman’s house.

And since then, the cub developed well, got stronger, and became a friendly soul. He was taken care of by a woman who was a very loving and caring human. Besides the panther, this woman also had a Rottweiler with the name of Venza.

They immediately befriended each other and their special bond amazed everyone. These beautiful souls loved playing, sleeping, and even running with each other in the woods.

The owner of Luna did everything possible to change the baby’s life for good. She loved both of them very much!

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