After the Katrina storm, two dogs were locked in the house for about a month without food and water, fortunately, the police found them in time and saved their lives

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is nothing new. As a result, many people left their homes and moved to other places.

After that incident, police officers were regularly patrolling the city, when one day, while passing by one of the houses, they heard the sound of an animal.

Opening the closed door from the outside, they were horrified to see the skeletons of two live dogs. The puppies were so exhausted that they could no longer stand on their own two feet. Someone locked them in an empty house without food or access.

According to the veterinarian, to whom the dogs were immediately taken for treatment, they had been starving for about a month.

The doctors gave these animals Emmy and Oscar names. They began to gain weight actively. They have been put on a special diet.

It took more than 3 months for the dogs to gain weight.

The policemen who rescued them often visited Emmy and Oscar, bringing them sweets.

After recovering, Oscar was taken away by one of the policemen.

Emmy was taken to a veterinarian who treated her.

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