After years of being a loyal and loving pet, the family throws the poor pitbull as they are about to have another baby soon

The feeling of being not needed and abandoned can be so tough for animals. It’s hard to imagine a world without your humans who were actually your family.


A nice pitbull named Stormy was supposed to happen in a high kill shelter, while he was loved by his family for more than two years.

The family learned about their baby who was going to be the fifth one, and they decided to give up on their pet.

That was Stormy, who was waiting every day for his family to come and take him back home. In vain. He got depressed and his heart was broken.

He was always sad. But one time, a woman named Guerrini encountered the dog’s profile and decided to adopt him.

What’s even worse, Stormy was on the list of euthanasia, as the shleter had lots of other pets to take care of. They were about to end his life at 5 o’clock, but the kind woman managed to come a couple of minutes earlier and take the baby home.

And it was obvious, this human literally rescued Stormy. Stormy was incredibly happy. She kissed and hugged them endlessly.

All the family members love him at first sight. He was an active, joyful, and lovely creature who truly needed to be loved and cared for.

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