Baltimore Ravens player goes to shelter to adopt a not-so-adoptable old dog

A player with the name of Ronnie, who lives in Baltimore, planned to adopt a dog from an animal shelter.

He went to the shelter together with his girlfriend. Ronnie explained to the members that he wants to take a dog who lived there for a long time and no one wanted to adopt her or him. All the members were excited as there were a lot of dogs who needed to have a loving family.

They went and brought old and disabled dogs. Eventually, they got a dog called Winter, who had very sad eyes. She also had a hanging belly because of pregnancies.

Such appearance didn’t scare them, and Ronnie named her Winter Lola. Soon, the dog who spent the last six years in the shelter gets adopted.

She spends her time with her loving owners play with them, runs all around the house. Ronnie is very grateful to the shelter for showing him the beautiful Lola.

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