Blind dog, tired of quarantine, pretends to be dead on the street – and makes the neighborhood laugh

For the sightless dog Blue, walking is the only way to communicate with the world. And now that his owner is only allowed to go out with him once a day due to the coronavirus, Blue is doing everything he can to avoid going home.

Dog Blue from the Texas city of Austin is blind from birth. Because of this feature, the dog developed FOMO syndrome. This is a constant anxiety state caused by the fear of missing out on something interesting and important that is happening right now. Self-isolation is not easy for a mongrel. Before the coronavirus epidemic, he “went” every day to a kindergarten for dogs, where he talked a lot with relatives and people. Yes, and his mistress Cady McNerney often walked with him so that the blind pet had the opportunity to learn about the world that he cannot see.

Now, Blue is forced to spend most of his time locked up – quarantine conditions allow Americans to go out with animals only once a day. Blue is not at all happy with this state of affairs, and when it comes time to leave the street, he often pretends to be … dead.

However, Blue arranged such tricks even before quarantine – he really likes to walk in the fresh air very much. So for Kedy, his protests are a common thing. Usually, a favorite treatwhich dog simplycannot resisst, helps to “bring him back to life”.

Blue is also prone to running away. If Kedy accidentally drops the leash or is distracted by the mail, the dog immediately starts galloping. Fortunately, the mistress always knows where to find him – in the dog park, to which he remembered the way.

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