Blind rescued kitten first meeting her adoptive human ran up and climbed over his shoulder to cuddle

This small kitten with the name of June is blind. It was brought to a DARG.

She was not only blind but also sick. Turned out that her mother had been killed. Soon, a local volunteer named Holly took care of her for a couple of months.

According to Holly, the baby didn’t differ much from other cats, she played, cuddled. She was very cute and lovely who spread that love wherever she went.

Her story was posted on social media hoping that someone could become her forever owner and new home. Luckily, the couple Andrew and Rebecca noticed the photo on the internet and fell in love. So they decided to adopt her.

It was incredible. When June met her new owners he ran and hugged Andrew very tight.

She is now living in a new loving home together with the two other cats who are good companions for her.

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