Canada detains bear cub who tried to illegally cross the border with the United States

The cub, who lost his mother, showed up in front of people just in time. Without their help, he could have died. An abandoned bearbaby wasdiscovered on the border of British Columbia with the United States.

The forest dweller tried to illegally enter the neighboring state through the border post, ignoring all applicable laws and regulations. The military managed to catch the “illegal” in time and hand it over to the employees of thewildlife protectionsociety, who identified the bear cub for the winter in a shelter.

Bears rarely bother border guards. But, feeling the approach of winter, predators begin to prepare for hibernation and look for food in order to gain as much weight as possible. This teddy bear lost his mother early – experts suggest that she was hit to death by a car. Annie – that’s what the orphan was called – wandered through the forest alone for several weeks and starved, not knowing how to get food for herself.

But the instinct of self-survival still worked – and the bear decided to go out to the people. Catching Annie was not difficult at all – as soon as you put food in the trap, the hungry animal immediately ran into the cage. Now the orphan is under the supervision of specialists. WildlifeSociety plans to keep her at the shelter through the winter, along with thirtyother blackk bearscubs, and release her into the wild later this summer. This is the best time for the cubs to get comfortable and learn how to get their own food.

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