Desperate elephant with a bullet in his head asks people for help and they save him right on the spot

As we know, elephants are smart representatives of wildlife.

Not only because of their incredible memory, but also the ability to orientate in difficult situations and cope with the troubles. So it was very remarkable for the humans, to meet the elephant face to face as he approached them with confidence.

Obviously, something has happened. Seemed like the animal needed something or asking for something but people couldn’t get what exactly.

The doctors prepared to defend themselves if something might go wrong but turned out there was no need to be protected.

As soon as the animal approached them, it was clear the poor animal had something on his head. It was a horrible gunshot right into his head. And apparently, he was in a greatpain.

The doctors later called him a Pretty Boy. Thankfully, the doctors were professionals and knew exactly how to help the helpless animal. After the anesthesia injection, kind doctors managed to take the bullet out easily.

The good-natured doctors literally saved his life. And it is believed that elephants never forget anything.

It is more mindblowing to realize that this elephant was actually able to differentiate the good humans from the dangerous shunters who hurt him before. This was impressive.

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