Doctors miraculously saved a dachshund with a huge tumor, which the owner gave for euthanasia

With a tumor the size of a melon, the dachshund could no longer walk or lie down normally. Her family did not want to fight, preferring to get rid of the “defective” pet. The owners of a tenyearold dachshundnamed Boo-Boo sent her to a clinic for euthanasia.

It was painful to look at the animal: a tumor had grown on the dog’s stomach, reaching a third of its body in size! There were only a few days left before the death of the pet, but his photo caught the eye of the owner of anothe place intime, animal shelter in San Francisco. Sherry Franklin – that was the name of this kind woman – decided to intervene in the fate of the unfortunate baby. She examined the dachshund and offered to examine the tumor and, if it turned out to be benign, remove it from a veterinarian friend. The dog was lucky – the tumor, despite its terrible size, did not pose a health hazard.

According to Sherry, as soon as she saw a photo of a dachshund, she immediately realized that she was obliged to give the dog a chance at a happy life. “We saw a large tumor,size ofmelon. Since the dachshund has short legs, the tumor, hanging from the abdomen, simply dragged along the ground, ”recalls Sherry.

Due to constant trauma, cracks began to appear on the surface of the formation. A huge load (the tumor weighed more than 1.5 kilograms!) poisoned the dog’s life for many years, and its owners calmly looked at its suffering, wasting precious time. And when the neoplasm grew to its maximum size, they decided to get rid of the problem animal. The operation was successful, and within a week, Boo Boo returned to normal life, and soon she managed to find a new home.

Despite everything that happened, the health of the dog was not affected. She is full of energy and desire to live. Now that nothing interferes with her movements, the dachshund is trying to catch up and leadsvery activelifestyle.his newowner, Ashleyy, is happy with her choice. “She is so wonderful and sweet. In a short time, Boo Boo completely captured my heart,” she says

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