Dog spying on neighbors by jumping on a trampoline

Have you ever felt someone’s eyes on you? Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Ohio residents Rena Nicole and her partner have also been targeted. More precisely, they either did, then they didn’t, then they did it again and again they didn’t …

Here is how it was. The couple went out to get some fresh air in the courtyard of their house, and the neighbor Grreat Danee becameinterested in this fact. Since a high fence is installed between the houses, the dog did not think of anything better than to climb on a children’s trampoline and watch the neighbors from it. Fortunately, the size of the dog is suitable – each time taking off into the air, he could fully see the yard and control the situation.

The sight was so funny that Rena recorded it on video and posted it on her Facebook page with the caption: “Have you ever seen a dog on a trampoline? Not? Now seen. Don’t thank.”

Rena’s post immediately attracted the attention of subscribers. In a couple of weeks, he collected more than a thousand likes and aboutone and half thousaand enthusiasticcomments:

Some users said that their pets also love to jump on the trampoline. And those who do not have it, after watching the video, urgently wanted to buy it.

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