Dogs wearing Christmas pajamas made a nice surprise to the kids at the hospital

A children’s hospital in Texas made an outstanding surprise for the kids who had to celebrate their Christmas at the hospital.

The beautiful kids were surprised by the retrievers who wear pajamas․ They visited the kids at a very unexpected moment, the kids were rejoiced.

These huge dogs are very kindhearted and gentle creatures, they love both adults and kids.4 dogs who were therapists made a nice surprise to those who lacked attention and love. To excite kids the owners even wear pajamas along with the dogs. all of them created the best Christmas mood.

According to parents, kids were filled with joy and excitement.

Therapy dogs were actually provided by the hospital, they usually help to improve the well-being of those who have homesickness, or need mutual understanding and care.

The program was launched back in 2016, and the dogs work in the hospital full time. They were initially trained for this heroic job.

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