Don’t give up, buddy! The forester carried a huge dog on his shoulders wounded in the mountains

A few weeks ago, New Jersey resident Lexi Daniel shared an inspiring story on Facebook that happened to her on a trip to the mountains. Her company stumbled upon a forester who was trying to save a dog from dehydration.

The man gave her all the water he had with him, but she still couldn’t get up. The situation was serious – it looked like the animal had suffered a heat stroke.

Luckily, park ranger Chris Salapek was prepared for situations like this. As soon as he realized that the water did not help, he put the huge dog on his shoulders and carried him down. According to Lexi, he had a long and difficult path ahead of him along a rocky path leading down the mountain. As soon as the man reached the stream, he put down the dog and began to pour water over it.

Cooling the dog down, he put it back on his shoulders and moved down. Together with his heavy burden, he walked for about an hour, until the owner of the dog ran out to meet him, who was already desperate to find her.

By this time the dog had already come to his senses and was trying to raise his head. The unfortunate animal was immediately taken to the veterinarian. Later, Lexi, worried about the fate of the dog, phoned the forester and found out that she was on the mend.

The story of the rescue of the dog did not leave Lexi’s subscribers indifferent. Many thanked her for the post and noted that such good news is not enough in their lives.

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