Every day this adorable cat supplicated meat from the store: you will be surprised to know where he took them

We have already been convinced many times that cats are very generous and kind.

There are so many stories about their heroic deeds on the Internet. Cats do as many good deeds as possible for the people around them.

In one of the shops in the city, the vendors found a cat who was always asking for meat from everyone. He begged meat from sellers, customers, and everyone who happened to be there. One day the saleswoman decided to give food to the animal, but instead of eating she kept the meat in her mouth and took it in an unknown direction.

Thus, the cat took meat every day and went somewhere. One day the shop assistant decided to follow the little creature. It became clear that the cat was taking the meat for another cat that appeared under the concrete slab. This tiny animal had injuries, so it could not get out from under the concrete.

The saleswoman took the cats to the vet, who treated her.

Then it became clear that these cats were not relatives and that the other cat was caring for the injured one simply out of goodwill.

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