Everyone burst in tears when the beloved horse came to say goodbye to her dying owner

The woman with the name of Sheila worked all her life at thrHaydock park

Apperantly, horses always took a very important role in the life of the woman. Especially Bronwen, whom Sheila still loved dearly and cared for. They have been together for more than twenty years. Unfortunately, at a fairly old age, a woman was diagnosed with cancer.

In that difficult situation, her only wish to meet her favourtie horse, named Bronwen, once more.

As her health was getting worse, SHeila’s daughter asked the hospital staff to assist her․ The doctors unequivocally agreed to help the dying woman. When Bronwen finally arrived, he approached her, as if she were in the ninth heaven of joy.

With her last breath, the woman uttered the name of her favorite animal, and instead Bronwen touched the woman’s face, as if to say goodbye.

Tina claims that they understood each other, and with her last breath the woman asked the horse to kiss her, she understood և she fulfilled the wish of her dear friend.

Everyone was moved by the scene. Sheila has taken care of this animal for more than 19 years, loving it with all her heart.

This story “once again shows the wonderful connection between an animal and a human being”, which is so beautiful.

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