Father gave her daughter a puppy that turns out not to be a dog

Receiving an unexpected gift is a real holiday for any child. The Father of five-year-old Haley with the name of Rick suddenly gave his daughter a little puppy, whom he found on the street without a mother.

Everyone was very happy with the puppy and was sure that it was a dog. However, it turned out to be a real coyote. Despite the fact that the animal was not a dog, the Heinstads decided to keep the child and raise him like a normal and ordinary dog. Since then they have had a happy life.

Coyote was named Vile, just like the hero of the known American animated series. In a very short period of time, Hayley and Vile did literally everything in each other’s company. And of course, this unusual friendship became known throughout all the district.

Gradually, Vile became calmer and eventually began to behave like a normal house dog.

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