For about 29 years this family lives with an orphan bear, whose mother had been killed by hunters

While the majority of us consider it impossible to live in the same house with a wild animal, these wonderful spouses did that risky step and continued their life sharing their house with an unprotected little bear.

Hunters killed this bear’s mother transmuting him an orphan animal and after it, they took him to a place where live animals. A young and wonderful couple sawing this animal at the zoo decided to adopt and brought him out of the zoo. It is about twenty-nine years that this real bear Stephan lives with his new family. The bear cub wasn’t adapted to life together with a humane family, however, this blessed couple helped him adapt to the new and strange life, get more confident and stronger and come to colorful and bright life.

Wild and strong beast Stephan used to roar loudly, that is why spouses decided to fence a high and strong wall at their garden so the animal could interfere with no one. You will be surprised by knowing that Stephan has also an acting talent. He regularly appears in TV series and different films. Nevertheless being a part of various films is not his only advantage. He has a modeling career and constantly participates in interesting photoshoots.

In that way, he earns his own money. His single performance costs about 400$ and this salary fulfills his expensive maintenance, for example, meat, different type of vegetables, and so on. Stephan is a loyal, intelligent, and bright animal. His humane family just adores him and considers him as their own child.

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