For about ten years this cat used to live wildly until he meets his savior and find his warm and cozy shelter

Animals, who used to live in the streets, feel a lack of care, protection, security, and warmness.

These types of animals, who are poor and vulnerable creatures need to have their safe and cozy shelter.
Get acquainted with our today’s honorable cat, with the name of Belvedere. He is not a young cat, approximately ten years old and like other stray creatures, he also has the same destiny.
Once a humane and kind woman named Lindsay saw this poor animal and luckily his life has been changed from that day on. Mrs. Lidsay always sees Belvedere in the city streets and she desired to provide a warm and loving home for her beloved cat. In order to help him this wonderful woman at first found a way to catch him.
She put a snare in the street and waited for a long time, till the very day. After a period of time, one peaceful and lovely day, she went again to check the snare. And finally, she found the cat inside of it. After seeing it, she became the happiest woman ever.

Afterward, Mrs. Lidsay took the cat for investigations to the vet. She did everything for seeing him safe and healthy.
Subsequently, she found a caring and animal-loving family for him. As a result of her efforts, this family adopted Lindsay and her dreams and desires come true.

Now cat’s kindhearted owner named Jenna D. gives all her love and warmth to Lindsay.
Lindsay’s owner hopes that with the help of her efforts and sympathy he will forget all the difficulties through which he passed.

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