Friendly Australian dog helped the little calf to recover and became his best friend and protector

A kind couple, Eline and Jay, took for adoption a calf while his mother was at the slaughterhouse.

They saved the baby’s life knowing that he would also be killed.

But the baby, whose name was John, had severe pneumonia which caused high temperature and strong caugh.

Even though he got medical treatment, no one believed that he would survive. Thankfully, he managed to make it work, with the help of a family dog called Sky. He was all around the cow making sure that he is well-cared and is protected.

The shepherd liked playing, licking the baby’s face.

He was very concerned by the baby’s state so it felt like he was the big brother and will do anything to help him recover quickly.

This two spent their time together, playing and cuddling around.

Although they are way more different species, they got along very well and understood each other.

It was the real and special bond between them!

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