German Shepherd saved the badly injured woman from a car crash

After a usual conflict with her husband, in order to be left alone with her thoughts and to calm down a bit, Shannon tried to drive alone. But something unplanned and horrible happened to her.

She was driving furiously and suddenly, lost the stability and had a horrible car crash.
Due to the fierce strike, she jumped out from the driver’s sit out breaking the glass next to her.
She was laying on the grass and had severe awful injuries. Badly enough that area was not full of people and she was aware that she have to wait until someone will come up to save her.

When she was about to lose consciousness, suddenly started to feel someone who was breathing on her face, She immadiately thought it was a wild animal and that her end was so close. But, when she opened her eyes, she saw a German Shephard looking at her.
Shannon felt that she has a chance to survive.

The brave dog took the injured woman to the nearby road, where she could be noticed, So a driver saw her and taken to a hospital. After a usual treatment, the first thing she said was where is the dog that saved her?
This brave Shepherd was named a Hero and soon was taken to the Humane Society.
Luckily, the woman went there and found her rescuer.

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