Grateful cat collects gifts from the streets and gives them to his beloved family

A charming cat named Gonzo is a full member of Derek’s family.

This cat appreciated their effort and support so much that he decided to thank his owners in a very weird way.

Once, the family mother was scared of something and Gonzo was so worried for her, he decided to bring a bird for her, obviously, that might calm her down.

Of course, the woman didn’t like it. So the witty cat decided to use something as a gift, but not the alive ones. And since then, he thoroughly chooses presents and gives them to his owners, as a sign of gratitude. One time, he bought almost nine objects for the family, they were actually like presents for him.

He basically brings items to form nearby trash boxes, such as plastic items, magazines, etc.
But in order to not be scared of the items he brings, in case of security, the owners decided to put a tiny camera on his neck.

What’s funnies is that before choosing what to take he thoroughly examines, smells it, and then takes it with him.

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