Hungry bear cub was wandering in the village when a farmer saw her and saved her life

One time, a villager saw a little bear cub wandering confused through the village.

The little guest was thirsty and hungry. The farmer’s name was Nikolay, he loved the baby from first sight, and decided to take him home and take care of him.

She was too exhausted and weak, she would definitely die in the woods, also in the zoo, the poor baby would spend all her life in captivity.

Nikolay supposed that the mother would be nearby and they can find her. After a couple of days of search, the mother didn’t show up.

So the only thing to do was to call the local authorities to learn what can undertake in this situation but they didn’t help him at all.

So, there was no choice but to keep the baby bear in his house, where he would get proper care, love, and comfort.

In addition, the villagers gave the baby a passport and name her Vasilisa.

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