In the USA, a bridge was built for wild animals. How many lives has he already saved?

Utah officials came up with an initiative that justified the money spent in the first days. Video filming on the bridge confirmed that the animals also do not want to cross the road in the wrong place.

Hundreds of wild animals die every day under the wheels of cars. The Utah Wildlife Resources Authority has proposed an initiative to build a bridge over a busy freeway specifically for the inhabitants of the forest and install a camera on it to test how this expensive idea “works” (in 2018, more than $ 5 million was spent on the construction of the bridge).

A few days ago, a video appeared on the official page of the department on social networks, which showed who used the building this year․ video recordings will be used for a statistical study of the demand for the bridge. The results of the analyzes will be presented by the Office next year. So far, it is only known that the building was most popular with deer.

The Department of Transportation and Wildlife Resources have been amazed by the sheer number of animals that have used the bridge in its two years of operation, and are considering building more such structures in other parts of the state. According to official figures, about 100 wild animals died under the wheels of cars two years before the bridge was built on this section of the highway. Since the construction of the overpass, there have been only a few accidents. From squirrels and deer to lynxes and bears, the new bridge appealed to many forest dwellers. Vehicle owners now also feel calmer, because a collision with a large animal can turn into a tragedy, including for drivers.

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