Italy mourns a hero dog who died from poisoned minced meat and has saved more than 150 children’s life during his life

In 2016, a powerful earthquake took place in the city of Amatice, as a result of which a large number of people died.

Such force majeure situations are unexpected in our lives and have a fatal end. Many people did not even realize that an earthquake was happening because they were asleep. Therefore, in this way, they simply did not have time to escape and remained under the rubble.

The actions of dogs in such situations are heroic. The shepherds did their best to save the people from the rubble. They succeeded due to their sense of smell. Many, many people owe their lives to these dogs. One of them, whose name is Kaos, saved more than 120 children, and they continue to live today thanks to this dog.

Recently, the owner of Kaos, who was a policeman, found the dead body of a dog in the garden of his house, and as the examination showed, he was poisoned by eating a minced meat thrown in the yard.

The whole of Italy mourned the death of this heroic dog, who, despite his short life, saved many lives.

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