Kindhearted volunteers rescued twelve starving dogs’ life

Sometimes animals feel a lack of honest love, endless care, and sympathy. The reasons for these situations are various because fate plays different games with all of us.

The animal rescue center received a warning letter, that in one of Lithuania’s villages are twelve unprotected and starving animals. After a while, they received one more email letter, which said that in one village there is a woman with many dogs.

The center’s volunteers immediately decided to check the place. When they went to that place the dogs attacked the food they brought. They were just starving.

Their owner told the whole story and said why the dogs were in that condition.

It became clear, that her husband who loved the animals so much and took care of them have died a few years ago, leaving the wife all alone with the dogs. At that time they were living in the city, but after her husband’s death the animals began to give birth to many puppies, so she had to move to a village.

But as she did not have financial income, she fed the animals with a loaf of stale bread. In winters they were freezing because of the absence of a heating system.

The volunteers took the animals to their center and also they helped the woman to come back again to a city.

Thanks to these volunteers now the majority of the dogs are adopted.

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