Kindhearted woman Nicola founds a a nice shelter for abandoned senior dogs so they can spend their last days full of love and joy

Dogs are human’s best friends. Indeed, they are caring, loyal, and loving animals who are always there to protect and rescue.

But we all know the controversial fact that dogs are also in need of love and care. Many of them are abandoned on the streets and spend their last days all alone. How is that fair?

You will see numerous stray dogs out there dying on the streets in solitude. Although most people don’t even care, the woman named Nicola decided to help senior dogs somehow. She successfully founded a nice shelter for abandoned senior dogs to spend their last-minute in peace and love.

Every time, Nicola can only take 2 dogs, so she first takes those who have little time to live or have the risk to be euthanized.

Nicole is a true animal lover, and seeing the poor dogs suffering and dying alone just devastates her. So she tries to do everything possible to give them pure love and joy.

Each of the dogs got their own sad stories. The kind woman can spend around five hundred on each dog. Sometimes she arranges birthday parties and activities for them.

She even takes them to the nearby beach to catch a fish or to just enjoy the moment.

Nicola is an incredible woman who makes their life a bit happier. Thank you, Nicola for being such an exceptional woman.

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