Look at the worried goose who stays in front of the door to look after her lover during the life changing surgery

An emotional story about a tense scene where the good impatiently is waiting outside of the clinic window while her friend is having serious surgery.

The two geese who had difficulties walking were noticed by some volunteers. They were worried.

After the examination turned out, that the goose named Arnold had an injury on its leg, and only an asap surgery would save him.

The next day, before eth start of the surgery, the vets saw another goose standing in front of the door. Apparently, the unexpected visitor was worried by the condition of her friend.

It was a heartwrenching scene, she was waiting impatiently during the whole procedure. Fortunately, the surgery had success.

The doctors let her enter the clinic to reunite with her boyfriend, it was an incredibly lovely scene.

Although Arnold had to stay awhile for a full recovery. They even did the procedures in front of a window so that his lover can see him fully.

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