Miracles like this!!! The nineteen-year-old girl woke up from a coma just as the dog licked her hand

It may seem to you that this story is fabricated or mystical, but it is real and shows that miracles happen in real life as well.

In 2018 Florida resident Farrah was involved in a car accident and suffered from head trauma.

The girl fell into a long coma, and the doctors no longer hoped that she would ever recover, but a real miracle happened.

The girl was in this state for more than 5 weeks, until a family friend came to her room and brought with her a dog named Fergie of the Labradoodle breed, who works as a therapy dog.

The dog immediately clung to the hand of the girl lying on the bed and licked her from time to time. In total, Fergie spent eight hours in Farrah’s room that day.

The relatives don’t know if it was the dog’s fault, or maybe it was just the time, but Farr has seen significant improvement since that day. The girl’s parents thought that the dog and their daughter developed a special close bond.

In total, Fergie visited Farrah four times, but the very first visit was the most effective.

The dog was lying in the same bed with Farrah and licking her hand, and suddenly Farrah’s hand moved and moved closer to the dog. Later that day, the attending physician said that the girl had come out of a long coma.

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