Missing African serval cat was found and reunited with his family after 3 days of being lost

A glorious African serval cat with the name of Spartacus, who was lost for three days, was finally discovered by the police.

The owners, Dean and Lisa thought that the cat was just scared of their dog and that made his escape. Lisa remembers that she left the front door open so maybe Spartacus escaped through that door.

The family looked for him in the woods but in vain. So the local police started to act quickly. Soon, they learned that a neighbor noticed a wild cat, and Lisa decided to catch their pet by a trap.

The trap included three chickens but it was a fail. Soon, Spartacus was found near the neighbor’s house trap.

Hopefully, he was safe and sound. The family was reunited with their beloved pet. Thanks to those who acted quickly and did anything possible to help the desperate couple.

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