Missing dog returned home with a touching note around his neck saying that he is the hero of the day

When the dog called Loie was missing for more than ten hours, his owners were very scared they didn’t know where he might be.

But they were shocked when the dog returned home with a not on his neck. Since childhood, he was a very active and cheerful dog. He always played in the neighborhood or near the house.

That’s why the family got scared as he was lost for a long time. But some hours later the dog came back feeling exhausted. He had a strange note wrapped around his neck.

The family suspected that someone could harm him, but everything was okay when they started reading the not. It was from Rob, he was the neighbor of the family. Turned out, that Rob was actually thanking the dog for saving the life of his little dog Maddy. The little one was stuck under huge branches.

When Maddy was missing too, Rob started to look everywhere, and finally, he met Louie, who was insisting to follow him. Rob trusted the dog. Soon, he led the owner to his dog who was stuck under the bushes and branches.

Louie started to dig intensely to help Rob to pull his dog out. Finally, Maddy was saved, due to Louie.

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