Parrots arranged a “human” conversation. Everyone managed to quarrel and make peace!

We told each other I don’t understand what, but it seems that everything ended well.

Parrots are unusually talkative birds. They have the ability to imitate thousands of different sounds – from human speech to the noise of a moving car. So, one pair of exotic birds demonstrated excellent mastery of these skills, arranging a real skirmish, and their owner filmed it all on video and posted it on the Internet.

The essence of their conversation is not entirely clear, but users of social networks have already called what is happening on the video “family showdown.”

According to many commentators who watched the video on Youtube, the conversation of the birds looks very human. And some of them even recognized themselves in the birds during a family quarrel. Others, on the contrary, suggested that they witnessed the sweet cooing of lovers. “There is more romance in this minute video than in my whole life,” one of the users of the video hosting admitted.

According to Dr. Andrew Ivaniuk of the University of Alberta, the intelligence of parrots should not be underestimated. “People have big and developed brains, but you know what? In parrots, it is also not small, he says. “Furthermore, if you superimpose the brain-to-body-weight curves of a parrot and a non-human primate, they match perfectly.”

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