Rabbit protected three little puppies from cold by keeping and feeding them in a hole

According to some stereotypes, the rabbits are common and coward animals, but this time, we will prove you the contrary broken!

In the region of Omsk, a beautiful white cute rabbit adopted 3 doggies and became the full-time caretaker for them.

Thie big-eared animal turned out to be very stubborn, he left his owner and made a hole next to a woman’s hose named Margarita.

But soon turned out the rabbit was not alone, as he hosted little doggies who were orphans after the death of their mother.

He fed them, guarded them, and didn’t let to leave the hole as the temperature might drop up to -25°C.

It seemed like they were his own children, he even protected them from big cats and other animals around.

So Margarita decided to share the story on social media and very soon puppies got adopted, as well as their caring father.

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