Running away from the dogs, the cat climbed a tree, which he liked so much that he continued his life as a bird

A cat named Zhorik has been living on a tree for a long time.

Zhorik appeared in this courtyard when he was a very young cat. Running away from stray dogs, right in front of the residents, he climbed up the rough trunk of a maple tree and flopped into a feeder of the lower branch.

Sitting there comfortably, the cat hung his head and began to watch the dog. When the latter realized that the hunt had failed, he reluctantly left.

Although the danger had passed, the new inhabitant was in no hurry to get out of the feeder. This bird’s house seemed to the cat very comfortable.

Zhorik climbed into the feeder to sleep even in winter.

When Zhorik was quite old and could no longer climb the maple, the residents of the courtyard untied the feeder from the branches and placed it under the tree.

The cat lived in it for several months, like a watchdog in a booth. And then he left and never returned. But the memory of him in Moldavanka still lives on.

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