“Savior of Dogs” turned out to be a scammer. The case of fake fees and threats to people

A few days ago, an article appeared on the information portal Ladbible.com about a certain Johnny Preston, who, according to the publication, using his similiarity to famousactor Paul Rudd, convinced merchants from the Chinese meat market to give him eight dogs and thereby saved them from imminent death. .

The author also attached to the text a video filmed by Preston himself, in which he told and showed how the rescue operation took place. True, very soon the site had to remove the material. It turned out that JohnnyPreston (hisreal namee is Jonathan Kossu) is a person well known in social networks, thanks to the numerous scandals associated with his activities. Over the years, Preston, posing as the founder of animal rights organizations with the brand names , registered groups on Instagram and Facebook and published videos threatening various shelters, volunteers, involved in helping animals, individual dog and cat owners, and even the Attorney General of the State of California.

Judging by numerous messages on social networks, videos that violated current US laws were removed by Preston very quickly, but some users managed to save this prohibited content in time. Here is one such Facebook post. Its author – Shelly Pina shared a video in which Preston threatens the owner of an animal shelter in California, using profanity. It also turned out that under the guise of volunteering, Preston was raising funds for treatment and other assistance to animals. For credibility, the man used photographs of injured and seriously injured dogs stolen from the pages of other non-profit organizations, and attached fake stories to them about the large-scale work that he and his comrades did to rescue or rehabilitate the animal. In 2018, a post was published in the urgent Dog andCats ofMiami group on Facebook, telling that he was a scammer using the name of this nonprofit organizationn toraise funds, but at the same time had nothing to do with it.

The Attorney General of California had already issued a second restraining order against Jonathan Kossu and his organization Urgent Dogs of LA in connection with the fact that the court found him guilty of numerous fraudulent actions, namely in the collection and misappropriation of other people’s funds in the amount of more than 421 thousand dollars, which never reached the addressees, but settled on Preston’s personal account.

In addition, the facts of killing and causing grievous harm to animals that fell into his “shelter” were proven. Nothing is known about the fate of several dozen dogs, which their “savior” showed in videos on his Youtube channel. Now the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has filed a new criminal case against Preston for an online threat to kill or harm.

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