Sick and cold cat begged at the door asking for help

This is a heartbreaking story about a beautiful and poor ginger cat who was pawing at the door asking the people to help him.

The kind woman opened the door to the frozen and exhausted cat.

On Valentine’s day, in Quebec, the woman hear a very strange noise from outside and when she rushed to check, she discovered a poor cat asking for help. He was sick and very cold. She let the animal in and took pics to send them to a rescue center owner named Marie. Seeing the devastated cat she asked the woman to take her to a vet clinic.

Unfortunately, he was in a very serious and bad condition.

After the examination turned out that the poor animal was suffering from several diseases, fleas, rotten teeth, he even had open and dangerous wounds.

He was named Aslan. Regardless of his condition, the cute cat was very friendly to the center staff, it was suspected that he was not a stray cat but an abandoned one.

Aslan might have died because of the severe cold weather but luckily he knew the right door where the kindhearted woman obviously saved him from upcoming death.

Step by step, he started to recover. Aslan also befriended two cats from the shelter, he plays and enjoys his life.

We hope that this beautiful soul will overcome all the hardships and recover from illnesses.

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