The adorable kitten Sushi never leaves his baby sister and she the first to feel that something was wrong with the baby

A small kitten with the name of Sushi loves playing and spending with the house baby.

He was always around the baby, taking care of her, having fun together. Frankly saying, the kitten was the first one who guessed that something was wrong with her.

Seeing the beautiful friendship between them the mother of the baby recorded them every time and started to spread their story on TikTok.

Sushi was very small when he got adopted. Soon, he became the best family member. He slept with the baby in the rocker, sit by her side during the meal, played, and even missed her when she was not around.

And the baby in her turn loved touching his fur, taking his paws. One time. the cat curled up to her neck and didn’t leave her for even a second.

It seemed like he wanted to point out and give a hint that something was wrong with the baby.

He was right, the baby got an infection and had a sour throat. Mandy, the mother, was shocked how could the cat feel this.

The mother said that she is very proud of her cat and that her baby has such a loving and caring best friend.

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