The adventurous cat came back home with a note around her neck stating that she had a second family

We always like to consider our pets loyal and kind.

The reason is that we are always loyal to them. But sometimes our beloved animals surprise us with their actions. We give them our love and affection, tenderness, time, and they seek warm and cozy shelter elsewhere.

The hero of our today’s story is the little cat, who has kept the fact that she has two owners secretly for many years. He always left his owner’s house and returned very late.

But when she returned, she was never hungry. It was as if someone were feeding him. But one day her secret was revealed. When the cat came home, a note hung around her neck.

It was written in that note that the cat has another family. In that family, the cat was called Angela, and in her real family, the cat was called Nilo.

The real owner of the cat was very angry at first when he read that note, but then he realized that there was no reason to be angry. He thanked the other owners of the cat for the consideration by sending him a retrospective note that they kept her and gave her food.

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