The bear wanted to ride on a Mercedes, but the owner scared him away with the help of “primal” screams

This funny story happened in early May. American Josee Luiis Rammos Juniior and his friends decided to spend the weekend in a forest cabin in Asheville. And their little vacation immediately began with an unexpected incident.

A noisy company that arrived at the place of rest was spotted by a local resident – a young black bear. As soon as the tourists entered the house, he decided to check if they had left something tasty in the cars.

At first, the beast examined the simpler car, but, not finding anything worthwhile, went to another one – a brandnew silverr Mercedess. At that moment, José noticed him. He watched in horror as the bear opened the car door and walked confidently inside. Realizing what damage an unexpected guest could bring to his “swallow”, he did the first thing that came to mind – he began to scream heart-rendingly.

Hearing the terrible “primitive” cries, the bear was takenback. Hequickly steppedout of the car and backed away, standing up on his hind legs just in case.

Mercedes was saved! The bear was also unharmed – except for a little stress. According to José, at the school of scouts they were told a lot about scaring away black bears, but at that moment he only remembered that these animals are afraid of loud sounds, so he screamedat thetopof his lungss.

Fortunately, the bear never returned, and the rest of the vacation went smoothly. But this meeting will forever remain in the memory of friends – however, the frightened bear will also not soon be able to forget it.

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