The boy saved up money for a dream but spent it on saving someone else’s life

Andryushka, despite her young age, had a clear life plan.

The future businessman began to save money for some very promising startups. He hid the money he had saved in a drawer behind his books. And then, one day, all the boy’s business plans were in the danger.

Once Andryushka, very agitated, even frightened, hurried to the bookshelf, pulled her piglet out of hiding, and hit the floor with all her might. In response to the questions of the stunned mother and grandmother, the boy said that he urgently needed money. It turned out that a car had hit a little cub in their yard, and if it weren’t for the boys nearby, things could have ended badly.

The guys urgently delivered the dog to the veterinary clinic, where the animal was treated.

The children gathered and began to think about where to find the money for medicines and further treatment. And then one child said that he had 500 rubles, another said that he had 200 rubles, another child said that he had 150 rubles.

After that, Andryushka hurried home for his piggy bank.

When mother and grandmother went out into the yard, the boys sat on the bench and counted the money. A week later, the poor animal settled in Andryushka’s house. But all the boys in the yard consider him theirs and take him for a walk.

Andryushka himself is now saving up not for a super-startup, but for a very real desire to find proper shelters for homeless animals .

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