The courier didn’t pass by the dog that fell into the pool

Amazon courier John Cassabria was delivering orders to customers when he noticed a dog in trouble in the pool – an old husky man had difficulty keeping his muzzle above the water. The dog was so desperate to stay afloat that the guy, withoutheesitation, climbedover fence and jumped into the water.

Cassabria didn’t take the time to get his phone and wallet out of his pockets because “it didn’t matter.” All that mattered to John was to get to the dog as soon as possible. Luckily, he managed to rescue a fourteen year old huskywith the nameof Luca in time. John stayed with the dog until the arrival of his “nanny” (the owners of the dog were away).

The mistress of Luka was infinitely grateful to John Cassabria for his heroic deed. Usually the dog was not allowed to swim in the pool due to problems with the mobility of the legs, but it seems that Luka was lured into the water by a fallen bone.

Later, the dog’s owners, Julie, Gary Caldweell, sentt letterto amazon CEO, to let him know what John had done for their family.

But the hero himself is modest: “I just happened to be in the rightplace at rightime. And I would do it again, animals are my life.

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