The detainee got released for a while to to save his dog’s life

One time, a dog was found sitting on the road with a collar that was wrapped around her sneck. It seemed like she was just waiting for someone as she was looking at the cars that were passing by.

Some people decided to put her photo on the internet, maybe someone would appear to take the dog. Even though a group of volunteers found a new home for her, they couldn’t catch her. So people got together and shared the announcement with the hope that her owner would appear or perhaps someone would show up to take her home.

But recently, it was informed that the first time the dog was seen near an evacuated car. The volunteers immediately headed to the police.

Turned out that as the drunk driver was arrested the dog had no choice but to stand over there and wait for the owner. Such a loyal pet.

Later on, the police decided to take the arrested man out and with the help of him take the lonely dog to the man’s relatives. When she met with his former owner, she emmidiatelyran to him.

Now the loyal dog is in good hands, and the detainee is again arrested.

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