The dog always trembled when he was around people, but now he is transforned and is fully loved pet

A dog with the name of Clementine never felt care and love from the people.

He would look away, be scared, or would start trembling whenever he was around people. For some time, he wandered in the streets, trying to find little food for a day.

Soon, the skinny and starving dog was taken from the shelter volunteers.

He had several diseases so it was decided to put him in forever sleep. But days later, a photo of him caught the attention of a woman named Chelsea.

Shortly after, Chelsea signed the application and took the poor one with her. She loved him from the very first meeting,

Of course, at first, the dog started to panic.

But the woman did her best to calm him down and show care and love to the baby, Other dogs also lived in the house. She was timid and scared of everyone,


After the treatment, Clementine stopped to tremble. Some months later, she became a healthier, happier, smiley beautiful loving pet!

Chelsea gave her a totally new life! This is how a little act of kindness saves lives!

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