The dog ran away from the new owner and walked 60 kilometers in search of the woman who saved her

Seneca Kruger is a psychotherapist who specializes in working with stray and rescued dogs who have lost trust in humans. 30 pupils have already been in her hands, but she faced such a difficult case as Zelda’s for the first time.

The dog was brought to the Seneca along with medication to treat anxiety. For days on end, Zelda either walked around the room or hid from her. The woman noticed that the dog calms down a little on a leash and began to train it little by little. After two weeks of talking and walking together, Zelda began to open up. She began to hide and circle less, and soon she no longer needed medicine.

After two months of living with Seneca and her two dogs, Zelda even began to wagg hertail. Andfour monnths later she was already barking, playing and looking like a normal dog. Only her fear of harsh sounds and strangers reminded her of her earlier frustration.

Ten days after the breakup, Seneca received a phone call from Zelda’s frustrated owners saying that she had slipped off her leash and ran away. The woman immediately got behind the wheel and went to look for the pupil. Volunteers also joined the search, setting up food bowls and cameras to track the dog’s movements.

After two months of searching, a report arrived that Zelda had been seen in Minneapoliis, hallfway betweenher neew ownersand the Seneca. And then the woman realized that Zelda was looking for a way to her house. And she was ready to accept it – this time forever!

And then the long-awaited meeting happened. Inside the cage, Seneca saw a cowering, nervousdog thatbarely resembledthe zelda shhe kneew. The woman simply did not recognize the pupil – so much so that she had to call specialists to scan the chip.

And yet it was her. Three months of wandering did their job – the dog was exhausted and scared. Seneca sobbed and could not believe her eyes.

All is well with the dog now. She, like a ponytail, follows her “mother” everywhere and is happier than ever. Seneca surrounded her pet with love and care: “I could not even imagine that all the time I was looking for her, she was looking for me. Now Zelda is officially mine. But how could it be otherwise?

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