The dog reunited with her family after they lost her because of the dreadful tornado

A couple in Arkansas, Ona and Bruce have a big family. 2 dogs and 4 cats.

One day, they heard a knock on the door. It was their neighbor who was flustered by the news. The tornado was approaching their city.

They didn’t prepare anything for the evacuation all they could do was just help their disabled neighbor to come out.

It was sad they couldn’t find all the pets, one dog and a cat was left there. So they quickly went down to the basement.

The dreadful tornado blew away the house roof.

Everything was damaged but that was not the case, they were worried for their lost pets. So in order to find them, they started to call them out.

The couple was about to give up, but luckily, their furry doggie appeared from one of the ruins.

They immediately rushed to kiss and hug her, they even cried and asked for an apology from their beloved pet.

Another pet appeared! The kitten was also safe and sound!

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