The kind-hearted marathon runner stopped to rescue a stray puppy during the race

Some people know how to make important things prioritized. This time, a woman with the name of Klongsanun participated in a twenty-six-mile race.

She was already close to the finish when suddenly she saw a little puppy abandoned on the other side. The puppy was all alone so she took her and continued running to the finish.

Of course, she might give it to someone from the audience or someone else and have her race, but she finished the race with the beautiful bab in her hands, She didn’t agree to part with the puppy, she decided to take her home and accept the baby as a part of their family.

Just to be sure if there were other dogs left there or not, she returned to the same spot and examined, but there were no dogs left. Nom Chom became the name of the doggie, and he is now filled with love and appreciation

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