The kind pet started to look after a fox which was deprived of mother care as she had died

Unordinary stories can be met on the earth frequently.

This one is about Dinozzo, which was a baby fox and had lost its mother in the accident. The small animal was parentless and was transferred to the hospital.

After a short time a pair took the fox under their wings they were fond of animals from wildlife.

They had got also a dog the name of which was Ziva and when seeing the baby it immediately started to take care of it. Maternal instincts arose at that very moment.

The baby had attracted its interest. It was nursing the small one which was day by day was growing gradually. In the same house there are also a kitty and puppies.

The cat’s name is Leopold. It was so joyful when seeing the new family member. The kind pet and the kitty are real companions and are assisting one another.

They are doing everything to make the fox feel defended and comfortable. The wild animal got accustomed to them and it had no wish to go any other place.

It wants to stay with its new friends. It chosses to be next to its companions rather than be in the wildlife.

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