The lost cat named Boo was found 13 years ago and recognized her human

A woman named Janet lost her beloved cat back in 2005. She was devastated as she just adored her so much.

She looked for her everywhere but in vain. But also after a year of her loss, she continued putting the posters of her missing all over the city.

No result, so she had no choice but to think that he little Boo found another home and is safe and sound. To recover somehow, Janet adopted a cat with the name of Ollie. Soon she also adopted another one with the name of Tessie. But one day she got a strange call.

anet was so used to her new cats, that she was surprised how could they be lost. She couldn’t think of her beloved Boo who had been lost for over ten years. A clinic doctor checked on a microchip on the cat’s neck and turned out it was the missing Boo.

The shocked woman rushed to reunite with her cat. Amazingly, the lovely cat immediately recognized her favorite human.


It was a touching moment, they both were cheered and Boo kept cuddling with her.

It is still a mystery, how could Boo survive life in the streets? Hopefully, she is now reunited with her human and lived happily as before.

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