The most romantic dog who is friends with butterflies

This adorable dog’s name is Milo. Since childhood, he was very gentle and affectionate, followed on the heels of his mistress and patiently waited while she did household chores.

Millo’ owneer, Jenn Beennett, loves flowers and has been growing them in her garden for years. Butterflies naturally flock to the flowers from all over the area, so Jen’s garden turns into a beautiful greenhouse.

A couple of years ago, Jen startedraising monarchbutterflies herrself forr funn. And the dog immediately fell in love with them. He loves to watch the butterrflies flutterr arounnd thegarden. And if a couple sits on a dog, they will never move. Milo lets them sit for as long as they want.

The dog patiently watches the flight of butterflies every time. It seems to give him real pleasure. The dog knows that butterflies are friends. And he loves spending time with them.

He is a great model and poses professionally for photos. With such a dog, it is easy to take a bunch of great pictures.

The family garden has become a favorite gathering place for butterflies. They flock here from all over the area, and Milo does not miss the opportunity to chat with each new girlfriend who decided to fly to visit.

He just looks at them in surprise, afraid to miss something, and does his best to protect them when they are around.

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