The owner folowed his dog to see why is he so worried until they faced the emaciated dog who fell into the well.

A man named Jerzy had a loving dog called Diego. They usually liked walking along the forest side, and everything was fine in the forest, but not this time.

This time the dog behaved restlessly all the way. But Jerzy was not sure what was the reason. Besides, he was heading somewhere so Jerzy ket him to drag his human to the destination, and then he unexpectedly stopped near a lost place.


He looked into the hole full of darkness and discovered a horribly emaciated dog, and immediately called the rescuers. In the clinic, the doctors learned that this poor dog named Gucho was lost for a month, and the owners were desperately looking for their dog.

It turned out that the poor Gucho went into the woods and fell right into the well. If not for Jerzy’s dog, Gucho would already be dead from starvation.

The dog survived thirty-two days without food. Doctors ensured that there was nothing to worry about and that he will be recovered soon.


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