The owner thought her dog died two years ago but all this time she was living in the mountaions all alone

One day, the news was spread that a stray dog lives in nearby mountains and visits some buildings in town for supplies.

Asking for help, the local center of hope of paws tried to catch him but they failed. When another group of rescuers arrived, they discovered an overly emaciated and frightened helpless dog. It was then decided, to do everything possible and help the poor animal.

Yet the dog was cautious and very scared of humans, it didn’t hold him back to taste a delicious cheeseburger!

And while she was busy with the tasty food, a volunteer rescuer managed to sneak and catch her in a trap. The dog got nervous and behaved aggressively, but very soon she calmed down as she realized that these people are there to help her.

Rescuers give her the name of Edna. At the shelter, the first thing they did was check if she had a chip inside. And hopefully, she had one!

Turned out, her ex-owner gave her to another family, but they immediately got rid of her.

The first owner found her and got cheered seeing her safe and sound. However, she couldn’t take her home so she asked the shelter to find another but this time caring and loving home for her.

Some weeks later, she was successfully adopted by a respectful and caring family, they loved him from first sight.

Now Edna is happy to enjoy her life!

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